• The RC-FS10 is a remote communicator software for use in the dPMR Mode 2 and analogue radio system with the VE-PG3. It creates a virtual radio/simple dispatch station on a Windows based PC with the CT-24 digital voice converter and a microphone and speaker.

• Up to 8 different dPMR™ Mode 2 or VE-PG3 systems can be programmed

• Up to 40 function buttons are programmable, including individual call, group call, selective call, all call, status call, status polling, and so on

• Caller ID/alias name, called ID/alias name and call type information are displayed on the ANI area for easy recognition

• SDM (short data message), status message and DTMF code can be sent and received

• When optional HM-152 or SM-26 microphone* is connected to the PC, the microphone’s PTT button can be used with the RC-FS10 (* Optional CT-23 PTT microphone adapter is required)