Fully Capable Class B AIS Transponder MA-500TR. (the GPS receiver MXG-5000S is not included, sold separately)

The MA-500TR is a Class B AIS transponder for collision-risk management
Non-SOLAS vessels such as pleasure craft, workboat and small vessels.

Your vessels information will automatically be transmitted at fixed intervals or
under base station control.

The MA-500TR receives dual AIS channels (Ch. 87B and Ch. 88B) simultaneously and receives both Class A and Class B AIS information.

When a vessel comes into the CPA and TCPA range, the vessel icon blinks on the Plotter display and emits a beep sound.
When connected to external audio equipment installed on the deck or tower, the collision alarm function will alerts you even when you are away from the
AIS transponder.

The AIS transponder sends accurate navigation information such as:
• Static Information — Vessel call sign, name, MMSI number, dimensions,
• Voyage-Related Information — Draft, cargo type, destination and
estimated time of arrival

Dynamic Information — Time in universal time, coordinated, latitude/
longitude position, course over ground, speed over ground,
heading, rate of turn, navigational status.

• Class B AIS transponder
• Large full dot-matrix display
• CPA and TCPA collision-risk management
• AIS target call with Icom VHF transceivers
• 100 waypoint memories
• 3-line NMEA input/output

(the GPS receiver MXG-5000S is not included, sold separately)