8" VGA GPS Chartplotter and Echo Sounder HGP-800


• High speed zoom-in & zoom-out
• Remote display with bigger screen (option)
• Wire/Wireless remote controller (option)
• SMC(Smart Media Card) for upgrade, external chart and back-up user data (track, route, WPT, etc)
• Multi-language
• Various navigation modes (true motion/north-up/course-up/head-up)
• Selectable three kinds of chart (built-in/external/C-MAP)
• CCTV camera, Video-in (TV, VTR, DVD, etc) (option)
• Waterproof for installation on the flying bridge without a roof

Echo Sounder

• High analysis of the underwater (fish school, underwater objects, etc)
• Dual frequency (50/200KHz)
• Full/Split screen
• Fully automatic (gain, range, etc)
• Various screen display modes (normal, bottom lock, bottom zoom)
• High power (600W/1.2KW)
• Alarms & A-scope
• Water temperature display
• Rich color tones available from 16 and 8 color palettes