Easy to install panel mount airband with white OLED and key backlight.

TSO Approved


High Visibility OLED Screen
TSO/ETSO Certification
Auto Squelch Function
Quick Squelch Adjustment
Auto Dimmer
External Dimmer Control
Intercom Function
Memory Channels
8.33 KHz & 25 KHz Channel Spacing
Remote Control Capability
9 V Power Supply Operation
Configuration Menu

Other features

Dualwatch and priority watch functions
One touch access to 121.5 MHz emergency frequency
Both 13.8 V and 27.5 V electrical systems compatible
Side tone function for monitoring your voice with a headset
ANL (Automatic noise limiter) function reduces pulse type noise
D-SUB 25-pin connector and MIL-Spec M39029/63-368 compliant socket pins
Slim 33 mm (1.3 inch) height can be installed in a limited panel space