RMDR: 110dB Raising the Bar
Design advances developed by the Icom HF engineers for the Local Oscillator (LO) enable
the IC-7851 to set a new benchmark for amateur radio receivers.

RMDR (Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range)
The local oscillator phase noise will mix with strong unwanted signals and unavoidably generate
noise which masks a wanted signal.

1.2kHz Optimum Roofing Filter
The IC-7851 introduces a new 1.2kHz Optimum Roofing Filter, greatly improving the in-band adjacent signal performance.

Crystal Clear LO Design
the IC-7851 employs a Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) along with a Phase Locked Oscillator for the LO (Local Oscillator). This design significantly reduces noise components in both receive and transmit signals.

Improved Phase Noise Characteristics
the new LO design introduced in the IC-7851 makes some major breakthroughs while
utilizing the 64MHz, up-conversion receiver design introduced in the IC-7800.

Improved Spectrum Scope
uses a dedicated DSP unit for the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) spectrum. The 2250 MFLOPS DSP processor enables a new dual scope function and significantly faster sweep speeds and better accuracy

Dual Spectrum Scope with Waterfall Function
The IC-7851 introduces the new dual scope – the ability of watching both receivers in
separate spectrum scopes. The dual scope function is vital for watching for multipliers or band openings in contests, or working all bands/modes on a DXpedition.

Full Duty 200W Output Power
The push-pull power amplifiers using power MOS-FETs work on 48V DC. They provide a
powerful 200W output power at full duty cycle.

Digital IF Filter
Icom’s digital IF filters give you performance that is not possible with crystal or mechanical filters.

Other Outstanding Features
Two completely independent receivers
15kHz, 6kHz, 3kHz and 1.2kHz four 1st IF Roofing filters
Four antenna connectors with automatic antenna selector
Automatic antenna tuner
50MHz special preamp and mixer circuit
Digital manual notch
Digital twin PBT eliminates interference from adjacent signals
New auto digital noise blanker
DSP-controlled CW keying waveform shaping
High-quality digital voice recorder memory
Message memory for CW, RTTY and PSK31/63
Digital video interface (DVI-I)
SD memory card slot
Audio scope function
Click control spectrum scope
AGC control
Microphone equalizer and adjustable transmit bandwidth