RF Direct Sampling Takes You to the Next Level with Advanced RMDR and True Dual Receive


Innovative RF Direct Sampling System
RMDR characteristics of 110 dB
Customized VCXO for the Master Clock
Independent Dual Receiver
DIGI-SEL for Main and Sub Bands
High Quality Speaker Sound
Digital-Up-Conversion (DUC) for Clean TX
Built-in Automatic Antenna Tuner
7-inch Color Display with Touch Screen Function
Dual Receivers, Dual Spectrum Scopes
Audio Scope Flexibility
Touch Screen and Multi-Dial Knob for Smooth Operation
Remote Encoder for Second VFO Knob (optional RC-28)
DVI-D Connector for an External Display Connection
SD Card Slot and USB Port for Saving Data
I/Q Signal Output
Simplified Remote Control for RS-BA1

Other Outstanding Features

RX antenna
・ BNC type RX IN/OUT connectors for a receiver antenna or external BPF/preamp connection

CW mode
    FPGA-controlled CW keying waveform shaping
    Contest serial number counter
    Normal or short Morse number style
    Double key jack system
    Full break-in and semi break-in
    CW auto tuning
    APF (Audio Peak Filter) function adjustable filter shape, width and AF level
    Multi-function electronic keyer
    CW pitch control from 300 Hz to 900 Hz
    Auto repeat function

    30 kHz to 60 MHz receiver (Some frequencies are not guaranteed.)
    Two types of preamplifiers
    Preamp 1: Improves intermodulation characteristics
    Preamp 2: High gain preamplifier
    3 dB – 45 dB variable attenuator
    IP+ function improves 3rd order intercept point performance
    101 memory channels
    RTTY encoder and decoder
    Twin peak audio filter for the RTTY mode
    Adjustable AGC time constant from 0.1 to 6 seconds
    Digital twin PBT eliminates interference from adjacent signals
    Main/Sub band tracking function for diversity reception

    TX monitor function
    All mode power control
    VOX (Voice Operated transmission) capability
    BNC type transverter connector
    Microphone equalizer and adjustable transmit bandwidth
    50 CTCSS tones

    Memo pad stores up to 10 operating frequencies and modes
    Quick split function
    Quick Dualwatch function
    RF gain and squelch control with a knob
    RIT and ΔTX variable up to 9.999 kHz
    UTC/local clock and timer function
    1 Hz pitch tuning and display
    Dial lock function
    Adjustable main dial brake
    External speaker jacks for Main and Sub receivers
    Screen saver function
    Multi-function meter
    (S-meter, Power, ALC, COMP, SWR, ID, VD and TEMP)
    Auto tuning step function