Professional Communications Receiver

Super Wideband Coverage

10kHz to 3GHz wideband in 1Hz steps


10kHz to 3GHz Super Wideband Coverage
Absolute Value of RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator)
Software Demodulation in FPGA Processing
Superb Receiver Performance
Ample Memory Channels
Variety of Scan Functions
Real-time Spectrum Scope with Waterfall Function
Quick, Smooth and Intuitive Operation
SD Card Slot for Receiver Recorder
Remote Control Function through IP Network or USB Cable
I/Q Signal Output
3 antenna connectors: an SO-239 type and a phono (RCA) connector for HF and a type-N connector
Clock and NTP function
Center tuning meter and digital auto frequency control (AFC) for FM, WFM and digital modes
Voice synthesizer function
Audio tone functions: HPF/LPF, bass, treble and de-emphasis
Decode multiple digital code used in digital mode
IP+ function improves 3rd order intercept point performance
Main dial friction adjustment
Dial lock and panel lock
CI-V remote control commands