Professional Communications Receiver IC-R9500

The IC-R9500 is a high-end professional communications receiver for wideband monitoring, signal detection, spectrum analysis, recording received signals, and more.
With 0.005 to 3335MHz coverage and high performance spectrum scope

Wideband coverage

Super receiver performance

Five roofing filters

Dual DSP

Digital IF filter

±0.05ppm high frequency stability

Multi function spectrum scope

7-inch wide color TFT LCD

A total of 1220 memory channels

Synchronous AM detection

FSK demodulator & decoder

Digital voice recorder

Multi-scan functions

USB connector

Voice synthesizer

Additional outstanding features
• 4 antenna connectors: an SO-239 type, a phono (RCA) connector and two type-N connectors
• S/P DIF output jack
• Video input/output
• Clock function with daily timer and sleep timer
• CTCSS and DTCS tone squelch
• Simplified frequency calibration using WWV or WWVH
• Dial lock function
• Panel lock function
• Adjustable tuning step
• Dimmer function
• Monitor function