Wide Coverage Over an LTE (4G) and 3G Network.


- Nationwide Coverage over LTE (4G) and 3G Networks
- Interoperable with the Handheld IP501H/IP503H
- Full-Duplex Communication Provides Multiple Users Simultaneous Conversations
- Priority Interrupt Calling Can Break into an On-going Call for an Important Message
- Text Message Function Allows You to Send and Receive Messages of up to 32 Characters
- Safety Features with Emergency Call & Lone Worker Functions
- An Ethernet Port for Data Communication (optional VE-PG4 is required)
- D-SUB 25-pin Connector with the Optional OPC-2407 Cable for Interfacing Other Devices, Various Controls and Data Communication
- ACC Connector for Ignition Sensing Function
- Noise Canceling Function (TX only) for Clear Audio in Noisy Environments
- Built-in Bluetooth® and GPS
- Optional COMMANDMIC™ Provides a Handheld-like User Interface