About us

The company AFOI P. & I. PARISSINOU S.A. is the exclusive representative of the world-renowned company ICOM Inc. of Japan, who manufactures all kinds of wireless equipment (Professional and Amateur type transceivers, AIRBAND, MARINE, PMR/LPD transceivers, Transceivers, Universal Receivers, as well as Depth Gauges, Radar, Plotters, GPS, Antennas, etc.).

The company AFOI P. & I. PARISSINOU S.A. has been operating dynamically since the year 1973 and specializes in wireless communication, designing and installing Radio Networks throughout Greece, with excellent organization, high-level know-how, specialized technical staff and products of top technology and quality, with excellent results in both the private and public sectors .

The company distributes and sells its products throughout Greece through an extensive network of agents, owning approximately 75% of the installed Radio Networks of the private sector (e.g. Trunking Network installation in the private German company HOCHTIEF, during the construction of the Athens Airport) and more than 60% of the entire Greek market in the Radio Telecommunications sector.

All the services of the company are certified according to ISO 9001:2008 with the aim of the excellent quality of our products and services in relation to the requirements of our customers.

The company’s research and development activities include system design studies concerning R.F. coverage, installation and maintenance of HF, VHF/FM or AM and UHF/FM radio networks, established radio networks with voice and data transmission capabilities, selective dialing systems, special cryptophonic interfacing devices with PSTN or PABX networks, base station remote control systems, wireless transponder remote control systems and security systems.

In addition to its cooperation with many important companies in the private sector (Banks, Construction, Nursing Institutions, Tourism Companies, Oil Companies, Shipyards, Industries, Hotels, TV Stations, Publishing Organizations, Airlines, etc.), the company has also long-term cooperation with government organizations. For example, the company has signed contracts for the supply of its products with:

1) Ministries: Public Order (Hellenic Police, Fire Brigade), Merchant Shipping, Interior, Foreign Affairs, Culture, Agriculture, Development, etc.

2) Organizations: PPC, OTE, E.Y.D.A.P., D.E.P., PYRKAL, O.L.P., etc.

3) Armed Forces: Air Force, Navy, Army

4) other Public Services: EKAV, SDA, ERT, etc.

The range of terminal equipment covers portable and mobile transceivers, base stations, marine transceivers, airband transceivers, as well as radars, depth sounders, plotters, AIS, Epirb, GMDSS transceivers, etc.