The Amateur Radio is an occupation with the art and technique of radio communications, which aims at self-education, social contribution and creating friendships in many ways. Hams can communicate worldwide or in space using hertzian waves. The communication is not only achieved with the voice, but also with morse signals, and with the aid of computers.

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The world-famous Japanese company ICOM, manufactures amateur transceivers for more than 40 years. The desktop base stations have deserved the best name for their excellent workmanship and excellent specifications.


The best VHF or UHF, dual band, tri-band and D-STAR digital amateur radios.


As you would expect, ICOM is the market leader, with high reputation for quality, innovation and design. To make sure just ask any amateur. Our range has something for everyone. Including transceivers HF, VHF, UHF, analog and digital.