The Company

P & I Parissinos Bros S.A. has been active in the market of electronic equipment since 1973. The company specializes in design and installation of Radio-Networks throughout the country with perfect organization, high-level technical knowledge, specialized technical personnel as well as products of top-ranking technology and quality with excellent results on both private and public sector.

P & I Parissinos Bros S.A. consists the exclusive distributor of the world famous company ICOM Inc. of Japan, which constructs all kind of Radio-equipment (Professional and Amateur type Transceivers, AIRBAND Transceivers, MARINE, PMR/LPD, Repeaters, Global Reception Receivers as well as Sounders, Radars, Plotters, GPS, Antennas etc.).

P & I Parissinos Bros S.A. distributes and sell its products all over Greece through an extended network of representatives, possessing approximately 75% of the already installed Radio-Networks in the private sector, such as HOCHTIEF (Trunking Network for the main constructor of the new Athens Airport, etc), and more than 50% with regards to the whole of the Greek market concerning Radio-Communication activities.

Our Head-office